Intern out over racist tweet

Erika Escalante is learning the hard way that companies have little time or patience for employees who cause them drama.

Yesterday, she tweeted pictures of herself and a friend frolicking  in a cotton field.  The pictures themselves where innocent enough but, that caption though:

“Our inner n***er came out today”

Needless to say, this was not the move to make on social media.  An enterprising Twitter user was able to track down her Facebook page and determine that she was interning with Isagenix, a health and wellness product company.  So, as you can guess, the company received a number for tweets directing them to what their intern posted.  It took no time for Isagenix to act.  Within hours of the Erika Escalante’s original tweet, she was out at Isagenix.


As one Twitter user noted, with it being a Sunday, it seems she managed to get herself fired on her day off.

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