Jacob Dorsey kills campaign using two mediums

A 19-year-old candidate, who was running for the Wisconsin state assembly, has dropped his bid after revelations of homophobic and racist comments he made on both Twitter and YouTube.

On September 11, Jacob Dorsey apologized for a tweet he posted this past December, in response to a Utah ruling upholding gay marriage, that read “f*gs need 2 leave my favorite state alone”.  Then, yesterday, it was discovered that Dorsey also made racist comments about African-Americans on YouTube. In one comment, using his real name, no less, Dorsey wrote:  “N*ggers trash cars. I’m not selling my town car to one…” .  The Janseville Community Facebook page posted some of his other YouTube comments, which involve homophobia and even mention a longing for another Civil War.

After being confronted with these new discoveries, Jacob Dorsey announced he was quitting the race.

“I have decided to withdraw from the race due to insensitive remarks that have surfaced from years past. This race has been extremely hard on my family and myself.”

The local county Republican Party has denounced Dorsey’s actions and is seeking to have his campaign return the party’s financial contributions.

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