Josh Duggar created fake Facebook account to meet women

Josh Duggar has become a rather infamous figure over the last several months.  The eldest son of the “19 Kids and Counting” clan made national headlines when he admitted to the molestation of young girls when he was a teen.  In the last few days, his name has come up again, this time in relation to the dump of the data from the Ashley Madison hack, when it was revealed that he was a paid member of the site, forcing him to admit to porn addiction and extramarital affairs.

But, before there was Ashley Madison, there was Facebook.

It seems that Josh Duggar was an early adopter of Facebook and created a fake account to meet women online.  The account, under the name Joe Smithson, was created in 2004 but continued after he married his wife Anna four years later.  Surprisingly, the account is still up.  From what can be seen, most of the “friends” he met on there were attractive young women from the Arkansas area.  He also used the account to follow a local stripper and a lingerie model.  He only had a few posts, the last of which was in January 2014, a year into his job with the Family Research Council (FRC).

Revelations about Duggar have cost the family a lucrative TV deal and Josh Duggar his job with the FRC.  Now, it appears that these latest developments only add more questions about his credibility in religious conservative circles.

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