When keeping it (sort of) real goes wrong

How far would you go for a laugh?  For a group filming a prank sketch in the U.K. they almost took it all the way to jail.

The group was filming a video for YouTube and Instagram.  Part of the sketch involved them pulling out toy guns on one of their members but, the problem with prank videos is that not everyone is in on the joke.  Someone saw what appeared to be a man about to lose his life and make an emergency call.

Armed police arrived and ordered the group to the ground. The men were arrested but were later released without being charged.

The video has been seen over 300,000 times but, it seems that the men in the video realize that the views received weren’t worth the risk.

“We was filming a short sketch for my Instagram page, using plastic toy guns as props. A member of public must of saw us and called the police.

Rightly so. Especially with all the stuff going on over in the states.

We should have been more responsible. Definitely pooped myself a bit tho haha!

Let this a lesson to everyone, don’t play with plastic guns in public.”

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