Male model loses job over racist video attacking woman on street

Until this past Thursday, Bryan Christopher Sawyer was able to call himself a contract model with the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. However, after recording himself accosting a black woman on the street, where he hurled racial insults at her, he is out a job.

As inexplicable as this all is, even more inexplicable is why Sawyer later posted this encounter on Facebook. Nonetheless, he did so and, shortly thereafter, was given the boot.

In the video, Sawyer can be heard referring to the woman as a “monkey” and a “gorilla”.

Bryan Christopher Sawyer has shown no remorse over the incident. In fact, he has been escalating and, on his Facebook page, has been posting material displaying white supremacist and alt-right leanings.

Upon his firing, the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts issued a statement. It reads in part:

“Yesterday an incident occurred on Lenfest Plaza in which a contracted model named Bryan Sawyer, who also works at other art schools around Philadelphia, verbally attacked a member of the community and members of PAFA’s staff. His remarks were racist and deeply offensive. Mr. Sawyer was immediately dismissed and permanently banned from PAFA’s campus. We will have additional security on duty today, should he attempt to return to campus. Additionally, the Philadelphia Police Department has been notified and they will be alerted should Mr. Sawyer try to return to PAFA.

PAFA is dedicated to educating and welcoming all individuals, on and off campus, with respect and dignity, as outlined in our policy.”

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