Man assaults woman for not looking like her online photo

Here’s a simple piece of advice on romance I would like to impart to the lovers out there — before you start making life-altering changes with your romantic interest, you should meet them in person first.

I like to say “common sense ain’t common” and this story exemplifies why.  Cornelius Jones, 33, is in jail after being arrested and charged with fourth-degree assault fork choking and throwing food on his girlfriend, say police.

It appears that Jones had just moved from Georgia to Kentucky to be with the woman.  However, upon laying eyes on her in person for the first time, he became enraged because she did not look like the photo in her online profile.  After he attacked her, he left on foot, with his two suitcases in tow.

Police located him walking near the location of the alleged assault.

In the future, might I suggest at least trying Skype or FaceTime?

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