S.C. man facing charges after sharing mistreatment of pet on social media

Having a pet is not a requirement so, it is beyond me why some will have one only to abuse it.

William Wendell Harpe III, of Gaffney County, SC, is accused of animal cruelty after a photo surfaced of him having duct-taped his dog’s mouth shut and front paws together.  He shared the image on Snapchat.

The photo made its way to authorities, who questioned Harpe about its contents.  Under questioning, he stated that he was removing staples from the dog’s ears, which had been cropped, and didn’t want the dog to bite him.

There is some question about who actually performed the cropping on the dog. Initially, Harpe claimed the procedure had been done by a veterinarian but, when pressed, refused to provide a name of a doctor they could contact to verify his story.

He was arrested and charged with ill treatment of animals.  According to South Carolina law, it is a charge which, depending on circumstances, can range from a misdemeanor to a felony.

Currently, Harpe is out on bond.


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