Man livestreams bomb threat, gets arrested

A Las Vegas man is in custody after posting a Facebook Live video that showed him making a bomb threat while showing on camera what appeared to be bomb-making components.

26-year-old Clinton Warrington is currently in Clark County Detention Center on a $50,000 bail.  He has been charged with making terrorism and bomb threats and possession of explosive device parts with intent to make an explosive device.  According to police, Warrington’s threat was aimed at his former employer, a local auto body business.  In the video, Warrington said that he intended to detonate explosives in the lobbies of the businesses two locations:

An arrest report states that Warrington described in detail how he planned to make the bombs and throw them into the businesses. Employees at the various businesses heard the threats and were afraid to be at work, the report said.

In addition to the online video, Warrington also texted a threat to his former boss, saying that he had “terrorist buddies” that would aid him, as well.

Warrington was set to appear in court yesterday.

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