MasterChef Australia jumps the gun

You want people to watch your show?  First rule: don’t post spoilers online.

Just hours before the airing of the next-to-last episode of the season, the cooking challenge show MasterChef Australia shared the three finalists for that night’s show via its Facebook page.  The problem?  Going into that night’s episode, there were four contestants and on that night’s episode, favorite contestant Reynold Poernomo was to be eliminated.

Though they pulled down the post 15 minutes later, the damage had been done.  Many of the page’s 1.4 million fans were informed of the outcome and took to social media to express their dissatisfaction.  The show issued the following apology:

“MasterChef Australia is truly sorry for the earlier post which inadvertently revealed the result of tonight’s episode for a number of our fans. It was a simple human error and we apologise wholeheartedly.”

Many fans stated that they simply would not watch that night’s episode.

The season finale will be aired on July 27th.  If they want viewers to tune in, they might want to hold back the results this time.

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