MI man’s speeding videos could lead to criminal charges

Thanks to social media, some aspects of police work are getting easier.  It seems that people just love to incriminate themselves online.

Mark Whittaker apparently loves to test the performance of his Mustang GT.  However, authorities have taken exception to his choice of location for his testing. It seems that Mr. Whittaker decided that the public roads of Western Michigan would be an ideal place to push the limits of his vehicle.  He might not have been caught but for his love of sharing his love for speeding on the internet.

Whittaker posted his self-incriminating footage to Facebook, where in one video, he can be seen driving at over 140 miles per hour.  In another, he was driving arount 160 mph, according to police.  However, this, by far, was the best part:

On top of that, he was recording it all on his cellphone, often driving with his knees.

The police were given an anonymous tip, which led them to Mark Whittaker’s videos.  They have spoken with him and are determining if they can charge him with reckless driving.  If so, for each charge, he could receive a $500 fine and 6 points on his license.

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