Mike Epps gets checked by wife for trying to DM another woman

Comedian Mike Epps experienced a little Twitter failure when his wife caught him trying to slide into another woman’s DMs.  Epps initiated the interaction with a young woman who goes by the name @ceciCitra, after a little back and forth, he asks her to take the conversation to a more private place by asking her to DM (direct message) her.


Then, like a scene from a comedy skit, an awkward moment ensues in which Epps’ wife, Mechelle, steps in, showing that he’s been caught.


One can only guess the nature of the conversation between the Mike Epps and his wife but, I suspect that he was informed of the error of his ways, so to speak, because, a while later @ceciCitra shared this image on her Twitter feed.


Something tells me that Mike Epps doesn’t truly understand how the whole Twitter thing works but, it’s clear his wife does.

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