Minnesota candidate drops bid after defending ISIS

Some stories just leave you asking “what in the world was this person thinking?”

Dan Kimmel was seeking a seat in the Minnesota House but, thanks to a single tweet, the Minnesota Democrat sunk his own campaign.   This is that tweet.


Yes, he actually posted a tweet that, more or less, characterized the terrorist group ISIS as simply misunderstood.

Now, one might say that he clearly wrote this some while ago, right?  No, he posted on Saturday, the day after ISIS claimed responsibility for terrorist attacks in France that killed 129 people and left hundreds wounded.  As you can imagine, Kimmel received a number of angry responses and the candidate quickly tried to explain that people weren’t understanding what he meant.  In fact, he later said, the tweet had nothing to do with the attacks in France but, were instead, a response to a statement made in the Democratic presidential debates.  Regardless of the why, the candidate soon realized that he’d done irreparable damage his campaign.  On Sunday, Dan Kimmel announced, via his website, that he would be bowing out of the Minnesota House by issuing the following statement on his website:

“My tweet last evening was in response to a statement made during the candidate debates, not in response to the activities in Paris. It was poorly worded and did not convey my intent.

I do think the attacks in Paris yesterday, along with other ISIS terrorist actions, are cowardly and despicable. My heart breaks for the people of France, of Paris, the families of those wounded or killed and the casualties themselves. My thoughts are with them. I condemn the attacks, as I condemn all violence.

I am folding up my campaign tent. The campaign website and Facebook page will be down by this afternoon.

I apologize to the volunteers and contributors who have put so much time, effort and money into my campaign.

I am very sorry for “spreading ick” on other candidates and the DFL party. I will do everything I can to help resolve the issue: most likely the best thing for me to do is shut up. The tweet was stupid. I’m sorry.”

This campaign was the 63-year-old Kimmel’s second attempt at beating incumbent Drew Christensen.  It’s a safe bet he won’t be making a third attempt.

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