Model’s suit against 50 Cent on ropes after text reveal

Earlier this year, a model filed an $11 million defamation suit against rap superstar Curtis Jackson a.k.a. 50 Cent.  However, after some recently revelations, she may be lucky to get fifty cents.

Sally Ferreira has hired as a featured model in 50 Cent’s video for the song “Big Rich Town”.  This was to be shot in secret, at various locations around New York City.  But, the secret got out when someone leaked photos from the shoot to the websites Hip Hop Weekly and MediaTakeOut.  Word got back to 50 Cent regarding the leak and, after seeing the photos and claims that he and Ferreira were an item, he was less than pleased.  He took to his Instagram account to post an image of Sally Ferreira with the caption “WARNING: Do not attempt to work with this thirsty Video b****. She sent photos Of the video shoot to Mediatakeout saying I’m in a relationship with her Can anyone say RESHOOT.”

Ferreira denied being the source of the leak and hit 50 Cent with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit, stating that his claims about her was false and that they had cost her at least three jobs.  According to the suit,

“Without undertaking any investigation whatsoever, Mr. Jackson falsely accused Ms. Ferreira of being the source of the coverage by posting a picture of Ms. Ferreira on his personal Instagram account with the following text superimposed over her image.”

Before the defamatory posting, Ms. Ferreira was working on three separate entertainment industry projects and enjoyed a good reputation in the industry…As a direct and proximate result of the defamatory posting and the subsequent media fallout and negative publicity surrounding Ms. Ferreira, as of the date of this filing, all three projects have been put indefinitely on hold…Moreover, as a direct and proximate result of Mr. Jackson’s actions, Ms. Ferreira has been subjected to harsh and hurtful comments about her profession, character, and appearance, causing her severe emotional distress.”

When news of the suit broke, it appeared that she might be looking at a big payday but, fast-forward 5 months and it seems that her hopes might go bust.  That is because, apparently, 50 Cent did his homework.

Letters sent to the attorneys for Ferreira seem to show that she was indeed the leak.  If the texts and images contained therein are to be believed, she sent these to Hip Hop Weekly reporter Rosalys Metayer on the night in question.

In one text, Ferreira allegedly wrote:

“No one has these images. I need to market Myself in the urban. Just(k)eep the name hot.”

In another text, she seemed to be the one feeding the notion that she and the rapper were an item:

“Omar goes babe if they ask you if you dating 50 you shouldn’t say anything so you can keep it going I was ok LMAO.”

With this information now in the hand’s of the plaintiff’s attorneys, it appears that this suit is stumbling to an end.  What, just 5 months ago, appeared to be a case of an artist shooting himself in the foot via Instagram, today looks to be a vindication. If so, Ms. Ferreira is probably going to wish that she had been a bit more professional with the terms of her business agreement.

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