Nazi sympathizer gets jail time over tweet

The U.K. is clearly not putting up with online abuse.  I am reading that a law has just been enacted that can land the more extreme members of the troll kingdom up to two years in jail.   However, it was not enacted in enough time to address Garron Helm.

Helm, 21, earned himself 4 weeks in jail after sending an offensive tweet to Member of Parliament (MP) Luciana Berger, who is Jewish.

Garron Helm send a tweet showing a Holocaust-era yellow star superimposed on the MP’s forehead with the hashtag ‘Hitler was right’.

When police searched Helm’s home they found Nazi memorabilia including a flag bearing the SS symbol and material from British extreme right-wing group National Action.

The tweet also referred to Berger as a “communist jewess” and read: “You can always trust a Jew to show their true colours eventually.”

In addition to jail time, Garron Helm was made to write a letter of apology to MP Berger and pay restitution in the amount of £80 ($130 US).

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