Norwood Mayor’s Letter blames ‘race-baiting black leaders’

This is one of those stories where you see a storm coming.  Thomas Williams is the mayor of Norwood, Ohio, a small city near Cincinnati.  Like most mayors, he supports his police department.  However, it how he’s done it that is raising a number of eyebrows.

In a letter of support to the department, a copy of which was posted on the Norwood Police Department’s Facebook page, the mayor blames “race baiting black leaders” and “cowardly elected officials” for the concerns of police/community relations.

“With recent events across the country, I feel compelled to express my thoughts in writing as police officers across the country are under attack by race baiting black leaders and cowardly elected officials.”

There is already a lively debate going on with regards to this letter on the department’s Facebook page.  This is the type of thing that can go viral quickly and could have the Norwood mayor answering questions for which he might night be prepared.  I’ll update with any new developments on this story.

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