Officer fired over Snapchat post containing racial slur

A Pennsylvania police officer lost two jobs in one week after a Snapchat post she sent, containing a racial slur, surfaced on the internet. The post shows officer Melissa Adamson in uniform with a caption reading “I’m the law today n—-a”.

Adamson was in training on her new job with the McKeesport police department. She was fired from that job this week. On Tuesday, she also resigned from the Versailles police force, where she had been working as a part-time officer.

The now-ex police officer insists she is not a racist.

The photo appears to have actually been taken at her previous job with the Pitcairn police, as she is wearing the uniform of that department. The chief of police for Pitcairn says he was unaware of this post during her tenure there.

According to Melissa Adamson, she and another former officer had a conflict and she believes this person circulated the screenshot from her Snapchat.

She has since issued a public apology, saying “I’m sorry for who I did offend. It was not my intention. I can’t express how sorry I am for how I made you feel — emotionally, physically. Again, it wasn’t my intention.”

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