Oklahoma GOP catches heat for comparing poor to animals

The Oklahoma State Republican Party is even hearing it from their own over a Facebook post that likened the state’s poor to wild animals.  Yesterday, the state GOP put out this post:


The reaction to this was immediate but, not just from political opponents.  Even members of their own party found the post to be over-the-top and insensitive. One of those was Republican State Senator Stephanie Brice, who took to her own Facebook page to repudiate this message and to offer one of her own:

“Yesterday, the OK GOP made a Facebook post that in my opinion was crass and offensive. The comparisons made in the post were vulgar.

“Many across our country find themselves needing assistance due to circumstances beyond their control, and we as a community must stand up to help those less fortunate.

“Therefore, I am challenging each of my Republican friends today to go to your local grocery store and purchase $10 worth of food and deliver it to your local food pantry, and post a pic on social media of your donation.”

It appears that the state party was so taken aback by the responses it received that it had no choice but to retreat and issue the following apology:


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