PEOPLExpress gives the status update no customers wanted

PEOPLExpress, a regional airline, has been having trouble getting off the ground, both literally and figuratively.  On September 26, the carrier halted all service, due to mechanical issues with one of its two planes, leaving some travelers stranded and having to make other arrangements to get home.

After issuing refunds and several apologies, the airline had been posting updates to its customers about the state of its business and the progress on its expected return.

However, lately the information coming from the airline has slowed down to a trickle but, Peoplexpress did take the time out to post an update to customers via its Facebook page.  However, instead of it being news to customers about the status of their service, the airline shared something else — photos from an employee’s wedding.

Though it was a nice thing to do, customers weren’t exactly impressed and let the airline know:

“Rather than post wedding pics, maybe you should focus on re-starting your “airline”. You don’t see Delta posting wedding pics on their Facebook page….”

“I’m sorry… But an airline posting wedding photos that has totally screwed consumers is just a little bit strange to me. Congrats to the bride and groom but PEX should focus on getting airplanes in the air again.”

“I wonder what airline they are using to go away for their honeymoon….United, Southwest, Delta?????”

I checked the page and this post has been taken down.  It sounds to me like they might want to work on actually flying again before sharing any more personal moments.

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