A perilous tale of online dating

Whether he was catfished or the young woman in question really existed doesn’t matter, in the end, a 21-year-old man found out that hooking up with people you meet online still requires some common sense.

The Indianapolis man set up a date with a woman he met on Instagram.  However, when he arrived at what he believed to be her residence, he instead was greeted by two masked gunmen, who relieved him of his clothes, phone, wallet and car.

Police are currently asking the public to contact them with any tips that might help them discover the identities of the men involved in the robbery.

In the meantime, someone should also give a few dating tips to this young man.  For one, if you are meeting a person for the first time, you might want to ask to meet in a more public setting, just in case the person isn’t who they claim to be.

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