Pilot loses job after pics of singer flying plane go viral

She might have looked “fly” but that didn’t mean that she should have been flying the plane.  In Mexico, a starstruck pilot is out of a job after letting local singing star/actress Esmeralda Ugalde occupy the pilot’s chair during a commercial flight between Cancun and Mexico City.

During the flight, the pilot allow Ulgalde and a friend inside the cabin.  Someone snapped a picture of the singer in the captain’s chair, which she uploaded to her Twitter account, which has 40,000 followers.  From there, it went viral.

The pilot’s company, Magnicharters, fired him for his violation of both company policy and aviation law.  A spokesman for the company issued the following statement:

“We cannot allow a pilot to make this kind of mistake, it is just not allowed. Even if the autopilot was working it is not allowed to do something like this. We cannot even allow people to enter the cabin, even if they are actors or actresses.

We are a serious company and we are deeply saddened about the fact that one of our staff behaved in this way. Flight law dictates visitors are not allowed to enter the cabin during the flight.”

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