Playboy model facing possible jail time over Snapchat post

It’s already cost her a job and got her permanently banned from her gym. Now, a former Playboy model’s Snapchat post could cost her some jail time, as well.

Dani Mathers’ troubles began in July, after sending out a Snapchat from her gym’s locker room. No, it wasn’t a selfie. She actually took a picture of another woman, who was showering at the time, to make fun of the woman’s body. She sent the photo out with the caption, *”If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”*

Mathers claims that she meant to send it to only one friend. However, the picture went out to all her Snapchat followers. Her gym, L.A. Fitness, was alerted to the post. They permanently banned her from all its locations and referred to matter on to police. In addition to this, her employer, radio station KLOS, suspended her indefinitely (read: fired) from her gig on their “Heidi and Frank Show.”

In a follow-up, to the July story, L.A. police say that they have located the elderly woman in the photo and are now seeking charges against Mathers.

Dani Mathers could be charged under California’s “Peeping Tom” statute, which specifically covers places such as changing/dressing areas or other places where people should have a reasonable expectation of privacy. If convicted on these charges, Mathers could serve up to six months in jail.

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