Playboy model’s post might be criminal

Playboy playmate and Los Angeles radio personality Dani Mathers abuse of Snapchat could land her in legal trouble.  While in the locker room of an L.A. Fitness gym, Mathers came across a woman in the shower who didn’t meet her standard of attractiveness.  So, she took a picture of the nude woman, without her knowledge or consent, and posted it to Snapchat.  She included the caption “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

According to Mathers, she intended to send this to a friend but, in her lack of knowledge about Snapchat, she mass-posted it, putting this innocent woman’s picture out for public consumption.

In the wake of this incident, Dani Mathers is now realizing the consequences of her actions.  Her employer, L.A. radio station KLOS, where she is a regular on the “Heidi and Frank Show” suspended her indefinitely. For violating the gym’s policy on cell phones in the locker room, she has been banned from every L.A. Fitness location…anywhere…forever.  But, it doesn’t stop there.  The gym has also referred this incident to the police so, a criminal investigation may follow.

In a video “apology”, Mathers calls her posting of this “accidental” and expresses her regret to her fans, but did not express her regret to the victim.

However, all of this could have been avoided had she just opted to not take the picture in the first place.

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