Political candidate off ticket after “racially-divisive” posts surface

Would-be candidate for alderman in New Britain, CT, Peter Ceglarz, now finds himself off the ticket, thanks to his own Facebook history.

Yesterday, it was announced by the city’s mayor and head of the local GOP ticket of candidates,  Erin Stewart, that she had met with Ceglarz and that, following their meeting, he removed himself from the ticket.  This follows revelations that Ceglarz’ Facebook account contained what the has been described as “racially-divisive” posts.  In one post he shared, it equates the NAACP, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund and the United Negro Scholarship Fund as symbols of racism, equivalent to the Confederate flag.  In another shared post, related to gun control, it equates President Obama to Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin.

Mayor Stewart, who touts herself as a socially-liberal Republican, said that there was no place on their ticket for a candidate who holds such views or engages in the rhetoric displayed in these posts.

So, it seems that Peter Ceglarz will be returning to life at his local car repair business, as his political ambitions seem to have been undone by his own hand.

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