Realtor’s racists rants have real-world repercussions

Perhaps Lauren Houston didn’t know or didn’t believe that social media actions can create real-life problems.  Maybe that’s why the Beverly Hills real estate agent felt empowered to go Instagram and attack a group called Black and Brown United For Change.

She left a handful of posts which ultimately proved to be her undoing.   She started in with a response that read “Get these thugs out of our country…we need a wall… are you kidding!!! Go Trump.”

Things went downhill from there. In response African American woman’s hairstyle, she wrote “Her thing on her head…Ew”.  But, the coup de grâce was a post about Latinos that read “well they are dirty Mexicans.”

Obviously, this aroused the ire of several Instagram users.  Some of them took the added step of finding out where she worked and contacting her employer, the Sam Real Group, along with screenshots of her comments.  The owner, after whom the company is named, took no time in firing Lauren Houston.  Sam Real then issued the following statement:

“At the Sam Real Group, we believe that every individual no matter what their skin color, race or ethnicity is equal in every way.  We do not tolerate hateful or racist speech in regards to the comments made by a member employed by Sam Real Group. The employee in question has been terminated from the group. Again, on our behalf please accept our apologies.”

While we certainly live in a country where we are granted a right to free speech.  However, what we are not granted is freedom from consequence.  Lauren Houston has learned this lesson the hard way.

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