Rob Lowe and his terrible tweets on the attacks in France

Like many in this country, I am still trying to wrap my mind around the attacks that happened in France today.  As I saw the death toll rise, I couldn’t help but think of the families and loved ones of the victims and the senselessness of these killings.

However, it appears that actor Rob Lowe decided to take the low road and mock France and its president in the midst of this national tragedy:



A number of Twitter users let him know just how little they thought of his behavior.  For example,



However, in the last few minutes, Lowe has come with a more toned-down message:


Perhaps he should have just led with this one…and stopped.  At this point, it is not even 12 hours removed from these attacks.  Perhaps Rob Lowe should take a Twitter break and get in touch with his public relations people.  Something tells me he might needs some help drafting a statement soon.

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