School Board member under fire for blackface photos

An Arkansas school board member is facing calls for his resignation when photos surfaced of him in blackface.

The man, identified as Ted Bonner, was apparently decided to dress up as a black stereotype. In one photo, he is seen holding up a sign that reads “BLAK Lives Matters.”

After the photos went public, condemnation was swift. According to Blevins School District superintendent Billy Lee, Bonner offered a “very sincere apology” at Monday’s school board meeting but, that did little to help the situation. A number of parents in the district have expressed outrage and the Arkansas NAACP is also calling for his resignation, questioning how someone with such views and bad judgment can be trusted to oversee a student population that is racially and culturally diverse.

Unless Bonner is pressured to step down, there may be little recourse. His elected term is up in 2018 and it would be up to the voters to decide his fate.

Until then, Ted Bonner lives in internet infamy.

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