Server posts customers’ receipts, earns spot in unemployment line

A server at an East Lansing, Michigan Applebee’s found out that taking shots at customers online is an almost sure-fire way to lose one’s job.

Brittany Lane and 3 friends, all Michigan State students, decided to go out for a bit to eat this past Friday. According to the group, the server was rather “standoff-ish” and refused to allow them to make modifications to their meals, telling them the kitchen was “too busy”. They say, however, that when they asked the manager, she indicated that it was not the case and obliged the group. Feeling that they had not gotten good service, one of the group left a modest tip while the rest chose not to leave anything.

A short while later, the waitress took to Snapchat, posting a picture of all four receipts, with the caption “Another 4 reasons why I hate black people”. According to the restaurant, the server is also African American.

A friend of Lane’s, who had worked with the server at Applebee’s, sent her a screenshot of the post. Armed with this information, the group contacted the restaurant’s management.

That same day, the server was fired.

Applebee’s issued the following statement:

We were made aware yesterday that a team member at our restaurant posted some guests’ personal information accompanied by a hurtful, unacceptable comment on social media. We immediately investigated the incident, including speaking to the guests involved, and the team member is no longer employed at this restaurant. We have a zero tolerance policy with regards to both the protection of our guests’ information and always treating our guests with respect. We have apologized to these guests and look forward to the opportunity to welcome them back into our restaurant.

The restaurant apologized to the group and offered them gift cards for their troubles.

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