Snapchat facing heat over racial slur in mapping feature

When you have to answer for something that is beyond your control, the word “frustrating” doesn’t begin to cut it.  Snapchat is likely experiencing this feeling right now.

This morning, the company was one of several victims of vandalism that targeting its mapping feature.  Snapchat leverages the open-source platform Mapbox to power its maps.  Apparently, some person (or persons) was able to make a change that slipped past both Mapbox’s automated and human checks.  This resulted in the city of New York appearing as “Jewtropolis” on the map.

Snapchat has apologized to users over this incident.  Because it was the biggest name affected by this incident, it was the one who received the lion’s share of backlash.  However, users on multiple apps and services reported this same issue.  The CEO of Mapbox took responsibility for the issue and says it’s been”100% fixed”. Additionally, Mapbox has released an update that allows users to report suspicious maps.

Unfortunately for Snapchat, in the annals of internet history, this incident is now tied to its platform.

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