Social media manager for Rockets out over tasteless Twitter taunt

Is trash-talking a part of sports?  Sure, but it’s best left to the athletes.  When others, who are not on the court/field do it, it just comes off as tacky.  In some instances, it can also be a career-limiting move.

Up until yesterday, Chad Shanks was the social media manager for the Houston Rockets.  In his duties, he maintained the official Twitter account for the organization.  With the team poised to eliminate its opponent, the Dallas Mavericks, from the playoffs, Shanks posted the following tweet:


In short, it was the emoji of a horse (Maverick) with an emoji of a gun aimed at its head.  Below it read the caption, “Shhhhh.  Just close your eyes. It will all be over soon.”

The Mavericks organization responded via Twitter, indicating that they didn’t find the tweet very classy but wished the Rockets success in the playoffs.  This is probably why their social media manager still has a job today.

A short while later, the offensive tweet came down and was replaced with an apology from the organization.  The next day, Chad Shanks sent out a series of tweets from his personal account, letting the world know he had been fired and apologizing for his bad judgement.  He also wanted to let potential employers know that his services are available.


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