Social media posts cost UNM nurse her job

I am sure that, at the corner of Bad Judgment and Social Media, an unemployment office resides.  If so, I believe Amanda Francis is there waiting in line.

The now-former ICU nurse for the University of New Mexico (UNM) Sandoval Regional Medical Center, lost her job for sharing, on Facebook, things that should have stayed in her head.  Specifically, a couple of posts made by Francis made the rounds in the news and created such a stir that her employer felt it to be in the hospital’s best interest to sever ties with her.

Back in mid-January of this year, Amanda Francis posted that the she was so bored at work that she wished that a patient would “code” so that she would have something exciting to do.  In medical circles, to “code” means that someone has gone into cardiopulmonary arrest and is in need of emergency medial attention.  Obviously, an intensive care nurse, even jokingly, wishing for a patient to suffer further to relieve her boredom sounds a bit shocking.

It also appears that she didn’t have a very high opinion of the public she serves.  In another post, she insulted the hygiene of Native American women in a profanity-laced tirade.


This incident now has UNM Hospital reviewing its social media policy.  Their current policy restricts the use of hospital computers for social media posting during work hours and the referencing of the medical center on personal social media accounts.  However, Amanda Francis had been using her phone to post to her account.  It appears that, now, UNM Hospital is now looking into adding the use of such devices into it revised policy.

Amanda Francis has deleted her Facebook account and is presumably in the process of searching for a new job.

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