Son of Jets coach flees Twitter after smack-talking team

The cool thing about Twitter is that it can put you in touch with famous people but, in the case of the son of New York Jets tight end coach, Jimmie Johnson, it was a little too close for comfort.

The younger Johnson decided to trash-talk his dad’s own team by directing some very personal tweets at a couple of Jets players.  However, when he targeted the children of one of these players, that player quickly showed him the error of his ways.

This was the tweet he posted about cornerback Antonio Cromartie’s family:


Cromartie clearly wasn’t having it and responded directly to the young man via Twitter:

“Y the f you worried about my family. If it wasn’t for your dad you woul dnt be nothing in life @JimmieJ82. You better watch yourself son.”

The younger Johnson, probably concerned about a possible encounter with Cromartie, changed his Twitter handle to @JTre88 and quickly fell all over himself apologizing to the player, even offering make his apologies in person.  This might be good as it appears that Johnson has since deleted his Twitter account entirely.

However, might I suggest that the young man avoid accompanying his dad to the job for a while?

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