Special Ed. teacher under fire for tweets about students

Sheridan Tihista is a former Miss Montana who said she was an advocate for special needs students. Now, her tweets are causing some to question how she feels about the students she teaches.

Ms. Tihista works for Liberty Middle School in West Fargo, ND.  She recently aroused the ire of parents at her school, when it was revealed what she’d been posting to her Twitter account.  An unnamed group of parents delivered a 20-page package of her tweets to the media and to her employer. What they shared does not paint a pretty picture.

In the tweets, she made what appear to be rather dismissive remarks about autistic students and, in one post, referred to parents of these students as “monsters” and the students as “satan”.  In another tweet, she is alleged to have called another student a “borderline psychopath”.

She conceded that her tweets, “may have been distasteful” however, she stated that they “don’t illustrate what kind of educator I am”.

Nonetheless, on April 7, she deleted her once-public Twitter account, the same day the proverbial stuff hit the fan.

This does not end her troubles, however.  On Monday, school administrators placed her on leave, pending an investigation of this incident.

Appearing Monday on local radio station WDAY’s “The Jay Thomas Show”, Ms. Tishista stated that her words were taken out of context.  The first-year teacher stated that she didn’t understand why parents went to the media without having it addressed by the school first.  She later questioned if there was a group of concerned parents and theorized that it could be someone with whom she’d become estranged that was out to get her.

Whatever the case, Sheridan Tihista is finding out that social media is not the best place to bash those you serve.



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