Teacher out of classroom after Snapchat video shows her using racial slur

Last week, a Dalton, GA teacher got a sobering lesson on accountability.  Jennifer Cooley, a first-year teacher at Murray County High School was recorded on Snapchat using the n-word.

In the 10-second video, Cooley is seen saying “n—– lips” and puckering her lips.  A voice is heard asking her to “do it again” and, after a brief pause, Cooley again puckers her lips.

Doing this in any setting would have been troubling but, this apparently occurred while she was teaching her “Criminal Justice Essentials” class.  This means that she did this in front of an audience of high school students.

Given the nature and speed of social media, it took no time for this to get around the school and to the awareness of parents and administrators.  The next morning, Cooley found herself in a meeting with the school’s principal and the human resources director.  After the meeting, it was announced that Jennifer Cooley was  “no longer in class.”

In the meantime, the school is conducting an investigation into this incident.

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