Teacher resigns after being confronted on Twitter posts

It took little time for Lyn Rushton to read the writing on the wall. The East Nashville Magnet High School teacher resigned before she could get canned.

A local news channel was tipped of to a “ghost” account Rushton had created on Twitter. On social media, the teacher had some pretty hateful things to say about her students.

In one post, she wrote:

“The ghettoness of some of my students just sickens me beyond belief.

In another, she wrote:

“I wish I could carry around a stamp at school to put “worthless a*******” across their heads.”

However, not content to vent to the ethos, another post identified students by name, presumably mocking the pronunciation of the names of African-American students she taught.

A video posted on Facebook shows students in her class confronting Lyn Rushton over these revelations.

Rushton did not return to school this week, opting to take a few days of sick time.  She was scheduled to return to work on Friday, when she would be officially placed on administrative leave.  But, on Thursday, she announced she was resigning.  By doing so, she was able to avoid an investigation by the school district.

In a statement to a local news channel, she said the following:

“It was stupidity on my part. I’m definitely sorry for the words, absolutely, they’re hurtful. They were wrong to say, and I am absolutely sorry for the words, for what I said.”

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