Teacher suspended for post condoning relationships with students

The age of the internet and social media has made us more aware of concerns with teachers and coaches crossing the line and engaging in sexual relationships with the students placed in their trust and care.

In recent days, news broke of two California teachers, Melody Lippert and Michelle Ghirelli, arrested on charges stemming from alleged encounters they had with students on a non-school trip last year.

One of their colleagues, Sean Patrick Kane, a teacher in the same district, apparently decided to weigh in on his personal Facebook page. A screenshot of the post was sent to school administrators.  What they read was of such concern to them that they placed the teacher on leave.  In his post, Kane allegedly stated that the boys with whom these teachers had sex should have kept “…stupid mouths shut and enjoyed it.”  He also stated his support for his arrested colleagues and stated that, when he was in school, relationships such as these were common.

The school is conducting an investigation into Kane’s post.  If it’s determined that this truly did originate from his account, the veteran teacher could be terminated.

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