Teacher’s aide fired after video shows him shoving student

In Texas, a teacher’s aide is out of a job after a video showing him shoving a student was posted online. The incident occurred last month during Saturday classes at Tidwell Middle School.

This all seems to have sparked from the student correcting the aide on calling him by the wrong name.  The aide then kicks the student’s desk, grabs the student by the arm, forces him across the room and shoves him through the doorway of an adjacent room.

Unbeknownst to the aide, another student was recording the incident on her smartphone.  This student sent the video to other classmates.  The mother of one of those classmates, Melissa Dossett, was so upset by what she saw that she decided to post the video online.  That same day, the school found itself having to field some very uncomfortable questions about this incident.

The following day, Tidwell Middle School announced that the aide had been suspended, pending the outcome of its investigation. Last week, the school issued a statement saying that the aide “is no longer a Northwest ISD staff member.”

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