Teacher’s lewd Snapchat lands him in jail

If there’s one silver lining in stories like these, it’s that those breaking the law aren’t savvy enough to know that there’s always a record of your social media activities somewhere.

A Pennsylvania teacher found out the hard way that, while Snapchat might delete a picture from the receiver’s device, it doesn’t mean that it’s really gone forever.  In the summer of 2013, police say that Christopher Gibson began having inappropriate communications with a then-17-year-old student via cell phone.

According to the student, she says that it began with Gibson sending friendly photos of himself via Snapchat, along with captions that were usually just a hello.  However, after about a month, this changed and Gibson began using the service to send her a pictures of his…let’s say…”man parts”.  According to the student, Gibson sent her about 100 texts.

It appears that, these allegations only came to the attention of school administrators in June 0f 2014 and it was they who contacted local detectives.  A warrant was issued and Snapchat complied, turning over the records of Gibson’s messages.

The school suspended Gibson before the start of this school year and he has been charged with corruption of minors, a first-degree misdemeanor.

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