Teen pleads guilty to giving material support to ISIS

If you have been keeping up with this, you will know that ISIS has been eerily effective at using social media to further its ambitions.  Last week, we got a little more insight into how this is happening.

17-year-old Ali Shukri Amin pleaded guilty to providing material support to ISIS.  Amin, a high school student from Virginia, used his Twitter account to help radicalize and recruit others to join ISIS in Syria.  Posting under the handle “AmreekiWitness”, Amin gained 4,000 followers and sent out 7,000 tweets in roughly one year’s time.

Amin is also said to have help radicalize another Virginia resident, 18-year-old Reza Niknejad.  Amin admitted to putting Niknejad with an ISIS supporter overseas, buying him (Niknejad) an airplane ticket and driving him to an airport for his flight to Syria.  Currently, Niknejad is wanted on several terrorism-related charges.

For his involvement, Ali Shukri Amin is facing up to 15 years in prison.  He is due to be sentenced on August 28.

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