Teen posts Snapchat photo of toe in baby’s mouth, investigation ensues

A South Carolina daycare is finding itself in hot water after a 15-year-old there posted a photo to Snapchat of her putting her toe in the mouth of a 7-month-old baby.  Once the teen posted the photo, news quickly spread around the Gaffney, SC community (and the internet, at large).

Parents who leave their children in the center’s care were quick to voice their displeasure, saying the person responsible, allegedly the teenage mother of a child there, should be facing legal consequences for her actions.  Authorities, however, appeared doubtful.

However, the owner(s) might not get off so easily.  The daycare, operated out of a local home, does not appear to be licensed with the state.  As a result, the South Carolina Department of Social Service has launched an investigation.  State regulations say that for any home or facility which provides ongoing care for more than one unrelated child has to be licensed.


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