Teespring faces backlash over shirts with racist message

I imagine that it has to stink for any business to have to answer for the misdeeds of a customer.  This is exactly what online apparel company Teespring is facing.

Teespring is one of those companies that allow you to upload your artwork to have it printed on things like t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc.

Apparently, some sensitive soul was triggered by a shirt he saw that read “Men Are Trash”, as well as what  seems to be a strange hate for #blackgirlsrock.  In response, he came up with his own design, with a nice big scoop of racism on top.  The shirt read, “Black Women Are Trash” and put it up for sale on the Teespring site.

So far, this individual has only been identified by the Twitter handle @TrueCharter. It should come as no surprise that this person has since made his account private.

However, before this, he posted messages about the shirts he had for sale.  Thanks to the power of the screenshot, they are posted below:

Nonetheless, despite this violation of its terms of service,  Teespring found itself apologizing for this mess:

“We’d like to apologize for this offensive content that was posted on the Teespring platform. It does not reflect our views as an organization, and it violates Teespring’s acceptable use policies. Our team has removed this item from our site, and we’re monitoring closely to take down any other products that violate our content guidelines.”

Sadly, it probably won’t be the last time this company deals with such a mess.  Unfortunately for them, when it happens, social media will only amplify their problems.

H/T to thegriot.com

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