Texas Rangers open a position on its social media team

If you’re interested in working social media for the Texas Rangers, you might be able to join the team, as a spot opened up over the weekend.

It seems that a team member took it upon her/himself to use the teams official Twitter account to send a very pointed message to Texas Longhorns coach Charlie Strong as the team was losing badly to Texas Christian University.

rangers-fire-charlie-tweetThe Longhorns went on the lose the game 50-7.

The unsanctioned tweet was deleted shortly thereafter but, not before creating some unnecessary headaches for the team that found the Rangers organization having to issue a press release while their team was actually still on the field against their own opponent, the Los Angeles Angels.

Needless to say, this person was fired.

“The Texas Rangers wish to apologize to the University of Texas and its head coach Charlie Strong for the very inappropriate and insensitive message that was briefly posted on the team’s Twitter account this afternoon.”

The funny/sad part in all this is that this person managed to get fired on their day off:

“The tweet was posted by a member of the team’s social media department who was neither working for the Rangers nor was at Globe Life Park today. Effective immediately, that individual is no longer employed by the Rangers.”

Needless to say, I suspect the rest of the social media team will be walking a very thin line, going forward.


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