Thai beauty firm Seoul Secret creates firestorm with blackface ad

A Thai cosmetics company has pulled an online ad after it sparked outrage on social media.  The ad from Seoul Secret featured actress Cris Horwang.  The actress discusses the challenge of aging in the entertainment industry.  As she talks, her skin darkens, which, according to the company,  is supposed to illustrate a fading from the limelight.

However, it just looks like blackface.

The ad itself would almost appear to be a parody, if we hadn’t been told otherwise.  The product is a skin whitener…named “Snowz”.  To top it off, the slogan for the ad says “You just need to be white to win.”

The company issued an apology, saying it never intended to convey a racist message.  Fortunately, the ad was only up one day before it was pulled.


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