Thanks to social media, the mystery of the bounce house has been solved

Here’s a fun Friday story.

Nearly year ago, someone stole a bounce house from Party Dreams Rental in Warren, Michigan.  The owners took to social media in hopes of tracking down their stolen property. Their Facebook post got some 500,000 views but had generate no leads.  For all intents and purposes, this was now a cold case.

However, the internet being what it is, nothing truly goes away.

Just days shy of the 1-year anniversary of the theft, a post went out on social media.  In nearby Lansing, someone was selling a bounce house on Facebook for $350.  The person selling it wrote “My college days are over” and inquired who would like “his lovely bounce house.”

Within 30 minutes, Party Dreams owner Joe Davey was alerted to the post.  Setting up his own undercover sting, Davey posed as an interested buyer.  He took a trip to Lansing and was able to verify that this was indeed his stolen property.  Joe Davey then alerted local police .

Now, thanks to some smart detective work, the bounce house is now back home at Party Dreams rental.

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