The company didn’t like how this security guard “passed” his time. Now, he’s fired.

This would be Instagram start didn’t raise a stink when he was fired from his job as a security guard.  Instead, he’s taking his show on the road.

The 31-year-old, who dubs himself as “Paul Flart” has made quite a following for himself on Instagram.  The reason why might leave your flabbergasted.  Flart found his calling while bored at work one day.  His shift ran from 2-11pm so, this left him in the lobby by himself for a good period of time.  One night, due to boredom, and biology, he passed gas.  He was so impressed by the acoustics that he recorded and posted himself doing it.  And so, a star was born.

He started by sharing his videos with his friend.  Eventually, this led to him posting his flatulent feats on Instagram, where he managed to garner some 52,000 followers.  However, last week, one chapter closed in the life of “Paul Flart”.  His employer, DSI Security, caught wind of his activities and terminated him.  It appears that the 75+ videos of him passing gas, in uniform and on the client’s premises, didn’t sit well with the company.

However, the young man is undeterred.  He now says that he will take his newfound freedom to record more videos of him expelling gas in different locations.  He says he also has a web site and has a Patreon page for those who want to support his endeavors. According to Flart,  he’s even been contacted by CBS in regards to giving him a show.

So, with ambitions fueled by enthusiasm and lactose intolerance, Paul Flart is reading to take on the world.

Good luck with that.

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