‘Trap House’ raided during Facebook Live stream

Warning: the video contains NSFW language

This was one of those “death by social media” instances that some were able to see in real-time.

As the story goes, a young man is streaming himself on Facebook Live, flashing what appears to be several thousand dollars in cash, all the while bragging about the money he (and presumably others in his crew) are getting.  To further illustrate his point, he sets this stack of cash down and goes to another room to retrieve a new stack of cash to flash for the camera.

A few seconds later, the young man hears some rumblings outside and retreats to another room, while leaving the live stream up.  You then hear that it’s the sheriff’s department announcing that they are commencing a raid on the property.  This Facebook Live broadcast was happening inside a “trap house”, which is slang for a house out of which drugs are sold.

You can then hear the sound of a door being battered in and glass shattering, as police execute the raid.  The next time you see people on this live stream, it’s armed police officers sweeping the residence.  The icing on top of all this happens around the 3:20 mark of the video.  One of the officers sees the smart phone and looks directly into the camera before turning it over on its side, effectively ending our broadcast day.

The young man in this video was later identified as 22-year-old Breon Hollings.  According to the arrest report, in the home police found a handgun, crack cocaine, ammunition, oxycodone pills and drug paraphernalia.  Presumably, they also got some evidence about the type of money this operation was making, thanks to Breon Hollings’ Facebook Live post.

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