Travel assistant to Ill. Governor fired on first day of job after horrible Twitter history surfaces

Warning: This post contains words that many will find offensive.

On Monday, Ben Tracy started his new job as the “body man” for Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner ( a “body man” is the personal aide to governor).  By day’s end, Tracy would lose that job, thanks to his Twitter history.

Apparently, the governor’s office did not perform a thorough check into Tracy’s social media history, despite their stated policy of doing so.  If they had, they would have seen that he had no problem tweeting comments that were racially-insensitive, sexist and homophobic.  Here are some examples:

  • In one tweet, referencing a woman, Tracy wrote “I’d f— her teeth straight.”
  • In another, he tweeted “To the Indian people in the library: SHUT THE F— UP!”
  • He also, seemed to have a particular disdain for gay people, with a fondess for forms of the word “faggot”.  For example, he wrote “bet you liked that #fag,” in response to a tweet that read “saying insanity bent me over and raped me would be an understatement.”

Some of these offensive tweets go back as far as 2013.

The online publication Politico contacted the governor’s office and provided them with some examples of what Tracy wrote.  The communications director stated that they would look into the issue and, by day’s end, Ben Tracy was fired.

So, if anyone is looking for a job with the Illinois Governor’s office, there might be an opening.

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