Tulsa man recorded child abuse on Facebook Live

There are times when we laugh at criminals outing themselves on social media.  There are other times when we should be thankful that some people are dumb enough to share their crimes with the world.

Last week, Tulsa Oklahoma police arrested Ralph Patrick Hishaw on charges of child abuse, child neglect and drug possession after he allegedly used Facebook Live to stream his abuse of his son.   According to police, in a 32-minute video, Hishaw “threatened the boy with physical abuse in the video, including holding him up to the ceiling and threatening to hit his head. It details multiple points in the video where Hishaw could be seen mocking, teasing and slapping the boy.”

Police were able to locate Hishaw’s home from other videos he’d posted, which showed the exterior of the residence.  When they served a search warrant, they found the home in squalid condition, with parts in a state of dangerous disrepair.  Authorities say there was little food in the home and that they found was believed to be a bottle of PCP in one of the bedrooms.

Ralph Patrick Hishaw is currently in the Tulsa County Jail, in lieu of bond.  No word has been given on the child’s situation.  My heart goes out to this child.  Hopefully, there are better days ahead for him.

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