Two GA educators to be fired following fist fight in class

Real life is often stranger than the movies.  A teacher and a paraprofessional working for Stone Mountain Middle School in Dekalb, Georgia decided to settle their differences mano a mano.  So, they went off to a secluded spot, away from the school to fight it out. Nah, I’m kidding.  Why do that when there’s a perfectly-good science room, with a built-in audience of fight fans students to witness your pugilistic skills?

Brittany Randolph-Johnson and Milan Etheridge went at it last Friday.  While the two exchanged punches, some student or students recorded the incident.  Of course, something this juicy had to make it to social media, right?  The 24-second clip shows the two going at it, until another adult comes to break it up.

Unfortunately for them, they weren’t just sent to the principal’s office.  Instead, they were removed from the building and charged with disrupting public school and affray. Yesterday, officials for the district announced both women will be fired.


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