Univ. of North Dakota deals with second racial incident in same week

Just two days ago, the University of North Dakota announced an investigation over a Snapchat photo, taken on a black student’s phone without her permission, which shows a selfie of a group of white students laughing. The photo was sent with the caption “Locked the black b*tch out.”

The very next day, the university found itself embroiled in another racial controversy. This one also involved Snapchat and is arguably more egregious than the first.

A photo began making its rounds that shows what is purported to be a group of students, all white females, wearing blackface. The picture was captioned “Black lives matter.”

The University now finds itself launching another investigation and, for the second time in as many days, UND President Mark Kennedy, issued another statement regarding a racist social media post that allegedly originated on his campus.

The statement is lengthy but, it begins:

“I am appalled that within 48 hours two photos with racially-charged messages have been posted on social media and associated with the UND campus community. It is abundantly clear that we have much work to do at the University of North Dakota in educating our students, and the entire University community on issues related to diversity, inclusion, and respect for others.”

It appears that some housecleaning may be in order on the UND campus.

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