Univ. of North Dakota launches investigation over racist Snapchat

(H/T to Raw Story)

It looks like there’s some trouble brewing on the campus of the University of North Dakota. Yesterday, a Snapchat photo went out that showed three young white women laughing and the caption “Locked the black b*tch out”.

Here’s some context: according to a Facebook post by UND student Etonde Maloke, her friend left her phone in her dorm room and the three individuals took the picture and sent it out on the friend’s Snapchat account. In her post, Maloke says that she informed her friend of this. She (and possibly others) made the university’s administration aware of this incident.

Today, the University issued two statments. The first appeared on its Twitter account, stating that an investigation would be forthcoming.

A second statement, issued on Instagram by UND President Mark Kennedy, reiterated that an investigation had been undertaken and condemned the action taken by those alleged perpetrators.

Stay tuned for updates to this story.

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